About Cygnus

The craft are built to owner’s specifications in a modern and approved boatyard in Ireland, with strict control and supervision, using the best of modern materials.

Although the hull is standard, very little else is. On all our models the length of the superstructure can be chosen. The interior can be customised too. We are able to supply everything from plush craft to a rudimentary workboat, with a finish. Hulls can be supplied at any stage of completion, from mouldings, partly fitted out or fully completed units.

Propulsion will normally be single or twin diesel engines, driving via shaft drive, stern drive, jet drive or surface-piercing propellers or water jets.

Our portfolio of models is carefully selected for seaworthiness and economical performance.

Vessels can be built to any standard and regulations.

Feel free to contact us. We have a great craft, with the pedigree to ensure your investment is safe and secure, and will be a sought after classic for years to come.

Why settle for less if you know the Cygnus boats are the best?

Sales Agent

About Cygnus Agent

The sales agent is based in Antwerp, Belgium and acts as sole dealer in Europe for Cygnus.

The agent covers the commercial aspects so the yard can fully concentrate on the building process.

Our aim is to set us apart from other boat agents by offering expert advice that we gained through sea experience and to provide exceptional service.

We can help you further in five languages. English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

The Agent can arrange a test spin on a demonstrator Cygnus Patrol 30.

Gains are reinvested in the yard to preserve the future of the yard and help our work force and their families. We donate to RNLI and in projects for preservation of the Oceans.

Although profit is important to any business, our objective is to realise the dreams of our clients and to make exceptional boats. We want you, our valued customers to win. This is our real passion.

Please contact us and we will be glad to develop your project within your budget.